Practice Method #8 - Practice Along With An Online Tutorial


Tutorials To Practice By

Free Art Tutorials! 

Have you ever taken the time to search for free tutorials in YouTube?  Under Google Search I simply type "Botanical Illustration Tutorials, Youtube" and a whole bunch of them pop up! Here's an example:

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 9.22.28 AM.png

How To Paint A Rose Tutorial

And you can get more specific... Like, "How to watercolor paint a rose in botanical illustration, youtube" and you will quite a few tutorials - here are just a few:

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 9.25.57 AM.png

Rose Hip Tutorial!

A while back I practiced with a tutorial by Shevaun Doherty, and after practicing along with her several times, I finally created this beautiful Rose Hip that I just had to frame!



Tutorials By Amazing Artists!

There are so many wonderful tutorials by amazing artists on YouTube and they can really teach us a lot as we set out to learn botanical illustration and other forms of art!  Taking time to study along with them is a great idea! Here's a few of my personal favorite tutorials: 

The next tutorial is not one that you can really practice along with, but when I need a little boost in my desire to proceed with my art - it has helped me get a clear vision again - Many times!

I hope this gives you another way to practice because you know what I say... "Practice Makes Art!!"