Watercolor Brushes


The Love of Watercolor Brushes

Three New Brushes!

If you want to know one thing that makes me really happy, it’s when the mailman, who normally drops our mail in our mailbox down at the end of our driveway, comes to my door and rings the doorbell!

It happened this morning, and honestly, I was surprised at how happy it made me to hear the rather loud doorbell that rang through my house bright and early interrupting the lovely breeze and quiet air that blew through my little cottage. But I was anxiously awaiting a package, and it was here!

The Love of Watercolor Brushes

I really do believe there is an art to finding the perfect watercolor brush. It takes time, maybe even years, before you finally connect with the perfect brush after trying so many different kinds. Brushes from local craft stores are usually where you begin, then maybe you will try one that another artist has recommended and you found it on Amazon. And when they arrive, and you try them out, you find them to be okay… but not the one!

But one day it happens! You decide to go ahead and invest in a watercolor brush, and it’s a really nice brush, like a Sable and it’s more expensive than you ever thought you would spend on one paint brush! And it finally arrives all the way from England to the USA, and you give it a try and it’s AMAZING!!!

This happened to me with Billy Showell’s #2 Fine Tipped Sable Watercolor Brush a couple of years ago, and I have been using this same kind of brush ever since.

Billy Showell #2 Fine Tipped Sable Watercolor Brush

Just look how beautiful the package is! My three lovely watercolor brushes with their perfectly pointed tips are here, and that makes a loud doorbell worth the ringing for sure!

Why Do I Love These Brushes?

Just look at these tips!


Billy Showell #2 Fine Tipped Sable Watercolor Brush


I really love these brushes because they hold their fine tip very well. I have tried other sizes, but find that this #2 brush size does everything I need it to. I also love them because they hold plenty of water and color, and this is important for when I’m working in larger areas, but the fine tip makes it so easy to work some dry brush detail work with no problems.

ConstanceReeder.Com - Dry Brush Detail Work on The Lovely Fairy Miniature Rose.

I also love the size of the handle, it’s almost like holding a pen. The only thing I wish were different about these brushes is that they would last longer, like for a life time. It’s not that they don’t last long, but I just use them so much that they get warn out in a 3-4 months timeframe and that is kind of a bummer. But really, they are very long lasting considering my usage.

There you have it and I hope you get a chance to try one of these wonderful brushes.

Blessings for a wonderful painting kind of day,