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About My Khadi Sketchbook

Khadi Details

Recently I found this new-to-me, lovely Khadi Handmade Paper Sketchbook and I just had to tell you about it!

Front Cover of the Khadi Sketchbook

Back Cover

If you love handmade paper as I do, you have to try this sketchbook out, and especially if you have never heard of it - You have to look into it!

The Khadi Handmade Sketchbook is made out of RAG PAPERS in Karnataka, South India, by KHADI PAPERS INDIA.

These sketchbook/journals are made from 100% cotton rag. It’s the fibre length of this raw material that gives Khadi rag papers their exceptional strength and durability. Perfect for graphite work and erasing as needed, layering with black ink to get those dark tones, and watercolor painting - Yes, even the wet in wet technique! The cotton rag comes from T-shirt cuttings which is a reliable source of pure woven cotton.

Khadi rag handmade papers are made with neutral pH size which makes them the only ones that are genuinely acid free in all of India.

I purchase my Khadi sketchbooks in the 8x8 size at

Florals In Ink and Other Practice

At this point I just want to show you my practice work in my Khadi Sketchbook. I hope you enjoy it!

In this first photo you can see that the first page after the front cover is a dark gray page, rough in texture, that gives a bit of class to this journal - it also follows in the back just before the back cover.

My Khadi Sketchbook Practice Pages

As you can see, this sketchbook is also great for journaling - The paper is very soft, with a bit of soft texture, and it receives the mediums I have mentioned above very nicely. I love it!!

Below, the image on the right was inspired by a pin on Pinterest - however it does not have a link with it - only initials on the piece.


I hope you have enjoyed this short, but photo packed post on my lovely Khadi Sketchbook. I pray it will encourage and inspire you to get out your sketchbook and get practicing!! :)

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