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Free Autumn iPhone Wallpaper


AUTUMN Wallpaper by Constance

Hello! I’m so glad you are here and I’m hoping you will take time to Subscribe to my Newsletter so I can share my FREE, NEW Autumn Wallpaper with YOU. *See instructions below.


*Instructions for obtaining your Lovely Free Wallpaper:

  1. Using your iPhone, insert your email in the form above and click the “Thank you!” button.

  2. This will take you to another page with a link to your Free Wallpaper.

  3. Click to get your link and then touch the image of your Wallpaper on your iPhone screen and select “Save Image”

  4. Go to your “Settings” button and scroll down to “Wallpaper” and “Choose A New Wallpaper”.

  5. Find your Free Wallpaper image in your “Photos” and click it, then adjust it for your screen and select “Set” and “Set Both”.

  6. Enjoy your Lovely Free New Autumn Wallpaper!

Free Autumn iPhone Wallpaper