Things you can find on my cottage studio desk these days…


Botanical Illustration in Graphite & Watercolor

I praise God, the Master Creator, for sharing the gift of creation with me...

I am His creation.


Hydrangea In Graphite

I am forever working on this extremely detailed Hydrangea in graphite. It is a gift for my wonderful Mom who loves the blue Hydrangeas.

This is a stunning celebration of the Hydrangea macrophylla which grows to amazing heights here in the Pacific Northwest!



Rose Hip In Watercolor

I always say, PracticeMakesArt! and here is the proof...

Often when I am studying a subject in watercolor I end up being pleasantly surprised by a moment on the page when the subject suddenly comes to life!

This was one of those special moments when I was studying the Rosa canina and following along with an online tutorial by Shevaun Doherty.

When I carefully cut this small portion out from my study page and placed it in a black frame it seemed to dance with joy!



Hosta Leaf In Graphite

This is a beautiful botanical illustration made from an original Hosta lancifolia leaf on my homestead in the Seattle area.

These plants are easy-to-grow perennials here in the Pacific Northwest that need little care. The leaves are some of my favorite, being large and lanced-shaped with wavy margins.

The Hosta lancifolia plant boasts lovely violet flowers that grow tall above the dark green and creamy white splotchy leaves below.


Ivy Trio In Graphite

This is a beautiful botanical illustration made from three Hedera leaves on my homestead in the Seattle area.

These plants grow wild here in the Pacific Northwest. The beautifully variegated leaves are different sizes with twists and turns in a dark green with ivory edging and make a great subject for a lovely botanical illustration composition.

This Ivy Leaf Trio is a beautiful celebration of the lovely Hedera plant.

Pear Study In Watercolor

While enrolled in the Royal Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh (RBGE) Certificate Course in 2017-2018 I had the pleasure of studying the Pyrus communis 'Williams' or Bartlett Pear in watercolor.

The colors and shape of this delicious pear made it an excellent subject to watercolor.  I look forward to working this out again and placing it in a beautiful black frame!

Unfinished Cluster Of Grapes In Grapite

Sometimes when I am studying a subject in graphite I end up being pleasantly surprised by a moment on the page when the subject suddenly comes to life!

In the case of my study of a Vitis vinifera - I felt that this was a piece that could be left unfinished and still look stunning.

This cluster of grapes is beautifully simple.

Oryctolagus Cuniculus In Graphite

Peter Bunny was our very first family pet. He was the perfect backyard companion to my children and we were thrilled when our second bunny gave birth to Peter's offspring - One of which we named Peter Jr. due to the exact resemblance of his father.

I keep this original piece of work on my studio desk as a wonderful reminder to my love of graphite and of bunnies.  No prints available for "Peter" at this time.

Cyclamen Persicum In Watercolor

This is a watercolor botanical illustration made from the careful study of a Cyclamen persicum. It was my desire for this illustration to draw attention to the beautifully colored stems of this amazing plant, as well as the unique flowers, leaves, tuber and root system.  It also includes a graphite illustration of my dissections and cross-section.

These plants offer beautiful flowers during the cold, dark & very wet winters here in the Pacific Northwest. They can be kept indoors or outdoors. The leaves are some of my favorite, being large and heart-shaped with variegated dark green and silver colors.

The Cyclamen plant boasts many different colors of flowers, ranging from white to dark purple and many lovely shades of pinks and reds. 

This soft watercolor illustration was my final piece of work for the Royal Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh (RBGE) Certificate Course of which I achieved distinctions upon completion.  It is meant to be a celebration of this lovely plant.

Hydrangea Study Sheet In Graphite

This beautiful Hydrangea Leaf study was the result of an online leaf course I took.  I was thrilled with the outcome of this leaf in graphite since it took me quite a while to achieve the depth you see here.

The Hydrangea plant (bush or tree) will always be one of my favorite botanical studies, as well as my most favored plant to grow in my garden. I have many varieties and colors since they thrive in the Pacific Northwest growing up to 6-20 feet tall! They flower in abundance all summer long and provide beautiful bouquets for indoors. Drying the flowers with long cut stems keep the dining room table looking gorgeous through the winter months.

This study page is meant to be a beautiful celebration of the Hydrangea macrophylla.

Hibiscus Syriacus In Graphite

This beautiful Hibiscus syriacus is a graphite work that I did for a botanical illustration course I took. It was my first botanical illustration in graphite and I loved the process of studying this beautiful plant and drawing it out for rendering.

This particular Hibiscus was white with a dark red center that spread in fine lines through the beautiful wavy petals.  It did not have the long pistils coming out of the center of the flower as you may see on most Hibiscus - Instead the petals gathered in the center thick and layered.

This plant also thrives in the Pacific Northwest and I plan to plant a few more in my garden this year.

A beautiful graphite celebration of the Hibiscus syriacus.

Lumpy Pumpkin In Graphite

This life-size graphite illustration of the Cucurbita maximawas the result of a course I took through  It is a free course that I highly recommend.

I am thrilled at how this illustration turned out. I wanted to pay special attention to the stem with the beautiful twists and long deep grooves. However, once the stem was completed my attention turned quickly to the many warts!

When it was all said and done, the warts became more like little jewels to me... Decorating this beautiful pumpkin in the most fantastic way.

I love how this composition celebrates the Lumpy Pumpkin!

Maple Leaf In Graphite

This is a Maple Leaf for my Royal Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh (RBGE) online course that I cut out a 5cm x 5cm portion of and then increased my drawing to 10cm x 10cm for a nice close up front and back.

This is one of my favorite graphite illustrations and I believe it celebrates the Acer Leaf wonderfully!

My Sweet Lord Jesus with Whom I am eternally grateful for bringing me out of darkness into His Glorious Light!! He is my Lord and my God!