Simple Watercolor Art For Those Who Love Simply Living

We are all curious and inspired by God’s beautiful creation around us. Nature has a peaceful, perfect rhythm all its own that gently pulls us in from the noisy chaos of our daily lives, if we are willing.

After a walk outdoors, that single clipping from my garden turns into a framed watercolor illustration that brings joy and color to my walls like nothing else could ever do. A handmade card is then designed to spread that same beauty from my hand to many others.

Come with me through the pages of my website and allow the warmth of God’s words and the colors and lovely shapes of His nature on handmade paper warm your heart, slow you down, and give you a sense of simplicity and calm once again.

We are all in need of some quiet time, in that special place where a chair or fluffy pillow awaits. With that simple watercolor piece hanging framed above us and the fireplace providing soft warmth. A cup of hot tea & honey in hand and a good book for the reading. Just a little time of rest until we are overflowing with thankfulness and inspired to write beautiful words to someone special on a handmade card once again.

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